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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property
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Amending an Industrial Design

The beneficiary may submit to the Intellectual Property Section changes or corrections concerning details of the applicant, the beneficiary or the industrial design or model, such as for example:

  • change of applicant’s name and address
  • change of beneficiary’s name and address
  • assignment of industrial design or model

It is noted that no change or correction can be filed in relation to the description or the depictions of an industrial design or model.

Filing an amendment

You may submit an application for changes or corrections (form ΒΣΥ2), by hand/post, accompanied by proof of change, such as, for example, a certificate of change of name (in case of change of name of a legal person) or an assignment agreement (in case of assignment of an industrial design or model). It is noted, that no fees are imposed for the filing of the said form.

You are advised to refer to the main criteria of review so as to acquire a better understanding of what is required and to facilitate the process further.

Provided that the Intellectual Property Section is satisfied that all, relevant legal requirements have been met, it will proceed to the filing of the changes and corrections, their publication and the updating of the industrial designs and models register.

In the event you wish the issue of certified copies, you may submit a request for obtaining certified copies of industrial designs or models.

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