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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property
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Cancelation of protection rights

An application for filing an industrial design or model may be dismissed or the protection right over or the amendment of form of an industrial design or model may be annulled, upon the issue of a relevant Court order, among others, for one of the following reasons:

  • it is not deemed design or model;
  • the design or model cannot be safeguarded;
  • the applicant does not have the ownership of the protection right;
  • the design or model contravenes an earlier design or model under certain conditions;
  • the applicant is not a natural or legal person as described in the page before the filing.
  • In this context, the creator of a design or model may, within two (2) years from the publication date, submit an application to the Court, for recognition of their rights, in case where a third party has filed without their consent, an application for filing a design or model associated to their design or model or to its material details.

A true copy of the court order concerning the aforementioned court order is submitted, by hand/post, accompanied by a relevant letter to the Intellectual Property Section, which registers and proceeds to its publication and the updating of the industrial designs and models register in relation to the dismissal of the application for safeguarding or annulling the right, as well as sending an information letter to the applicant.

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