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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property
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Waiver of the right

The beneficiary of a national trademark may waive their right over a registered trademark, by submitting the application (form Ε.Σ. 22) to the Intellectual Property Section, either through trademark's e-filing system  or by hand /post, accompanied:

  • the fee of forty nine euros (€49);
  • statement of consent by the trademark beneficiary or third-party having right over the mark in case such party is granted of licence use or the rights over the said mark have been transferred to a third person.

The fees above are payable in cash, by cheque, through an account maintained in the Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property, or by bank order.

Waiver of the right over a national trademark may concern the whole or part of products or services for which the trademark is registered. In such case, the products or services must be stated in form Ε.Σ. 22.

In case where the conditions for the filing of waiver are not met, the Section informs you accordingly to make the neccessary corrections within two (2) months. In case of non-compliance, the application for waiver is rejected.

Provided that the Intellectual Property Section is satisfied that all, depending on the case, legal requirements have been met, it proceeds with its filing with the trademark register. Waiver of the right over a national trademark is valid from its filing date with the register.

If you are a registered user you may proceed with the electronic registration of the form, otherwise you must first obtain access to the electronic trademark registration.


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