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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property
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Annulment of a Patent Right

Upon relevant application of any person, the competent Court may annul, either wholly or partly, a Patent, only if any of the following reasons are met:

  • the object of the invention is not patentable;
  • the patent does not disclose the invention in a satisfactory, clear and complete way, so that it can be performed by person who specialises in the relevant technique; and
  • the patent right did not belong to the person to whom the patent was granted.

Following the issue of the Court order, the registrar of the Court notifies the judgment to the Registrar of Companies, who files and publishes it and updates the patents register in relation the annulment of right or dismissal of application for protection.

It is noted, that a patent or its claim or part of its claim, for which a court annulment order was issued, is considered invalid from the grant date of the patent.

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