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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property


Forms & Fees

No.: Ε.Σ 12
FEE: 70,00
  efiling submission available

Fill in and submit form Ε.Σ. 12 to reinstate to a previous position and to restore the rights of the:

  • applicant for trademark registration;
  • beneficiary of stroke-off trademark due to no timely renewal;
  • party to an objection, forfeiture or invalidity procedure, who, notwithstanding the fact that the same showed all due diligence imposed by circumstances, could not comply with a deadline due to force majeure, random unpredictable event or other significant reason outside their responsibility, non-compliance of which resulted in the loss of right.

Upon the submission of the form, the fee of seventy euros (€70) is paid, payable in cash, by cheque, through an account maintained with the Department of Registrar Companies and Intellectual Property or through bank transfer.

For further information regarding the relevant procedure, you may refer to the page Reinstatement of Trademark.

Alternatively, you may file the above application via the trademark's e-filing system by paying the corresponding fee as mentioned above by credit card.




Supplementary Sheet - Other Information or Documents

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