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Duration of Copyright protection

The protection period of each work protected by copyright is summarised as follows:

Type of Work Expiry of Protection

Scientific works, literary works (including computer programs), musical works, artistic works (including photographs), original databases.

seventy (70) years from the death of the creator or of the last of the co-creators. In case of musical composition, seventy (70) years from the death of the last surviving among the lyricist and the composer.


seventy (70) years from the death of the last among the following persons (irrespective of whether they are co-creators):

  1. producer
  2. main director
  3. scriptwriter
  4. dialogue writer
  5. music composer
 Sound recordings

fifty (50) years after conducting the material fixation.
If the recording has been lawfully published during this period, seventy (70) years from the date of the first lawful publication.

 Broadcasting programs

fifty (50) years from the date of making the program, the broadcasting of which can be either wired or wireless.

 Publication of unpublished works twenty-five (25) years from the time the work was lawfuly published or presented to the public for the first time.
Non-original databases

fifteen (15) years from the completion of the database creation.

If the database was made available to the public prior the expiry of fifteen (15) years, the protection period is calculated from the date of the said first realease to the public.

Any material amendment of a database’s content resulting in a new material investment provides to the amended database the right of the same protection period.

 Interpretations, executions fifty (50) years from the date of interpretation or execution.
If within the aforementioned fifty (50) years, the material fixation of the said interpretation or execution has been lawfully published or presented to the public, the rights expire fifty (50) years from the date of such first publication or presentation to the public.

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