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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property


Forms & Fees

No.: Π.13
FEE: 50,00

Fill in and submit form Π.13 to renew the protection period of the patent or of the patent application, from the 3rd year onwards, on an annual basis for a maximum protection period of twenty (20) years from the filing date or the grant date respectively, and twenty-five (25) years in case of protection of pharmaceutical or plant protection products.

With the submission on the said form the corresponding fee is paid, on the basis of the protection year for which renewal is requested:

  • 3rd protection year 50,00
  • 4th protection year 60,00
  • 5th protection year 80,00
  • 6th protection year 100,00
  • 7th protection year 120,00
  • 8th protection year 140,00
  • 9th protection year 160,00
  • 10th protection year 180,00
  • 11th protection year 200,00
  • 12th protection year 240,00
  • 13th protection year 280,00
  • 14th protection year 320,00
  • 15th protection year 360,00
  • 16th protection year 420,00
  • 17th protection year 480,00
  • 18th protection year 540,00
  • 19th protection year 600,00
  • 20th protection year 660,00

In case of renewal of protection for pharmaceutical and plant protection products, the annual fee is as follows:

  • 21st protection year 700,00
  • 22nd protection year 740,00
  • 23rd protection year 780,00
  • 24th protection year 820,00
  • 25th protection year 860,00

The said fees are payable in cash, by cheque, via an account maintained with the Department of the Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property or via bank transfer.

In case where a power of attorney covering the said procedure has not already been filed, the form for authorising an agent (form Π.8) must be attached.

It is noted, that a surcharge of 25% of the renewal amount is paid for every month or part of a month of delay (in case of renewal within 6 months of expiry of the preceding protection period).

For further information regarding the completion of the form and the relevant procedure, you may refer to the main criteria of review and the page renewal of patents, respectively.

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