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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property

About Trademark

Benefits of protecting your trademark

By registering your trademark, you obtain exclusive rights of its use and exploitation, including the placement of the mark on the products or their packaging, the supply of your products or services under the trademark, the use of your trademark as part of your business or corporate name, its use on your professional forms and advertising materials.

Additionally, registering your mark provides an increased possibility of opposing its unauthorised use by third parties and of taking measures, including the prohibition of use of identical or similar mark in the following cases:

  • transactions;
  • placement on products or their packaging;
  • offer of products or services;
  • trade of goods or possession for trade;
  • provision of services;
  • import or export of products;
  • business or corporate name, wholly or partially;
  • professional printed material and advertisement;
  • comparative advertisement in a way that contradicts Directive 2006/114EC;
  • placement on packaging, labels, signs, security characteristics or authenticity provisions;
  • offer, trade, possession for trade, import or export of packaging, label, sign, security characteristics or authenticity provisions.

Furthermore, the rights over a trademark may be sold, assigned, licensed or otherwise commercially exploited for a monetary fee. A registered trademark or an application for trademark registration may be given as security or constitute a right in rem.

The benefits provided by a registered trademark are restricted geographically to the territory where it is registered. For example, a national trademark provides the above benefits of protection to its registered owner only in the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

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