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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property
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Beyond the basics

Radio and television broadcasting and cable transmissions

Radio and television broadcasting concern the material fixation of a program, which can be either wired or wireless, such as, cable or satellite transmission.

Cable transmission of programs is made on the basis of individual or collective agreements between, on the one part, the program creators and the beneficiaries of neighbouring rights and, on the other part, the cable network exploitation enterprises.

Copyright over a program comprises of the exclusive right to:

  • recording or reproducing and retransmitting all or substantial part thereof;
  • transmitting or retransmitting it to the public in an area where entry is permitted upon a fee payment;
  • material fixation of the program;
  • leasing and lending of material fixations of the program;
  • distribution of material fixations of the program;
  • taking photographs of the programme.
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