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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property


Tips & Notes


The main criteria of review of an application for filing an industrial design or model (form ΒΣΥ1) are the following:

  • the application fee has been paid upon application, along with the first five-year protection period;
  • in case the authorised person has no residence or registered office in Cyprus a form of appointment or change of authorised person for services (form ΒΣΥ5) must be filed;
  • the full name of the applicant clearly appears on the application form, as well as the nationality, place of residence or the authorised office of the authorised person must be completed; (Art. 10)
  • the description of the item or items for which the design or model is sought;
  • the design or model and its products must be clearly described, preferably using the internationally accepted Locarno classification;
  • list of products for which classification will be performed based on the Locarno Classification;
  • if the applicant is not the creator or the sole creator then a declaration about the origin of the rights should be filed;
  • a request of a priority right may be filed; in such a case, a certified copy of the original documents should accompany the application;
  • a request for publication; in case that the applicant requests deferment, then it should clearly be stated at the application form and the appropriate fee should be paid;

For further information regarding the relevant procedure, you may refer to the page Filing a National Industrial Design.


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