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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property


Tips & Notes


The main criteria of review of the form Π.19 and Π.20 are:

  • the first product licence of the product has been secured in the Cyprus market or in the European Union market;
  • certified translation of the license has been attached;
  • The application for SPPF was submitted within six (6) months from the granted date either the of the first product licence or the patent, which is the latter;
  • a valid power of attorney authorization (form Π.8) that covers this procedure;
  • the certificate has not been issued for the relevant product.

Most common reasons for rejection:

  • the application is overdue;
  • the relevant product has not been the subject of a certificate.

 For further information regarding the relevant procedure, you may refer to the page Granting Supplementary Protection Certificate for Medicinal/Plant Protection Products.




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