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Department of Registrar of Companies and Intellectual Property


Tips & Notes


The main criteria of review of the form Π.18 are:

  • form Π18  is correctly completed and signed by the authorised lawyer;
  • claims in English, German or French as published by the E.P.O;
  • submission of the translation of the claims in Greek llanguage;
  • certified translation by an affidavit or by sworn translator of the Republic of Cyprus
  • form Π.8 is correctly completed and signed by the authorised lawyer;
  • first page of A1 of the publication of E.P.O. (European application) or if it is PCT (international application) the first page A1 and form 1219 of the E.P.O.

It is noted that in case of omission of completion / submission of the above details / documents, a relevant letter is sent for submission of the missing details within a specified period.

 For further information regarding the relevant procedure, you may refer to the page Granting Preliminary Protection of Claims

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