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Trademark Protection Abroad

If you wish to protect your trademark in other territories outside the Republic of Cyprus, you can submit an application in the territory you are interested in, on a national, European Union or international level.

National Trademark in other countries

You can apply for registration of your mark as a national trademark at the competent intellectual property offices of each country in which you wish to obtain protection.

In each such case, it is advisable to first inquire about the national law and the requirements for registration and protection applicable in the the relevant countries.

European Trademark

You can apply for a European trademark registration, with force in the entire territory of the EU, including the Republic of Cyprus, by submitting a relevant application to the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO). For further information, refer to the website of the EUIPO.

International Trademark

Natural or legal persons based in the Republic of Cyprus may submit an application according to the Madrid system for the registration of an international trademark, through the Intellectual Property Section. 

For further information, refer to the page registering an international trademark.

Respectively, interested natural or legal persons based outside the Republic of Cyprus who wish to obtain protection for their mark on an international level, including the Republic of Cyprus, may submit an application for international trademark to the competent Intellectual Property office of their country and specify the Republic of Cyprus as one of the countries in which protection is requested.

For further information regarding the Madrid system and the procedure for international trademark registration, you can visit the website of WIPO.

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